Meet Seamless Mobile Security

  • Worried about the security of your data on mobile?
  • Employees are not willing to sacrifice their
  • Managers are pressing to increase mobile

No need to compromise user experience, to achieve total business data security. Meet HelixOS!

HelixOS field tested technology provides complete data protection At Rest, In-Memory and In-Transit for business apps.
HelixOS prevents all types of business data leakage, such as data sharing, clipboard copy-pasting, screenshot capturing and key logging, with zero impact on user experience.

HelixOS is where harmony and enterprise level security seamlessly meet.

While under the hood business data is completely separated from personal data, the user is presented with a single environment, in which he can engage both in business and personal activities, launching any app, exactly as he is used to. No more artificial personas, no more irritating context switching between work and personal environments.

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